My journey to becoming an ADE 2015


My ADE application from Tracy King on Vimeo.

It all started with the application process. I knew someone who was already an ADE and soI thought why not? never expecting to be successful. I thought about the leading questions and turned it into a sort of interview. It was made only using my iPad and iPhone and so the sound quality is not great and some of the images are not the best quality so I apologise in advance.

Over the next few blogs I will comment on some of the apps that I have used and still use to enhance my teaching of French.

ADE 2015

My blog begins with my acceptance as an Apple Distinguished educator for 2015. I am still a little in shock but still excited about the possibilities and the adventure this summer to Holland. Three decisions were made the day I received the email:-

1. Get a Macbook because I only used my iPad for my iMovie. I bought a Macbook Air and am using it now to type this and it is super thin and light.

2. To get back on Twitter which I have and I have already 22 followers and following!!! Still learning how to tweet though not sure about the hash tag symbol!!!

3.  And Finally getting round to creating a blog РI have been meaning to for a long time now especially for my Elementary class but just not got around to it.

So here I go!